Me’anda is a place for all the wanderers, wonderers, dreamers, and especially the realists.  For those of you who are forging your own path.  Who are working up the courage, or starting to dream, about leaving whatever way of life you’ve been herded along so far.  And who have super speedy Internet connections and aren’t afraid of a few little emotions.

The name Me’anda has a triple meaning, which is fitting considering its creator, me, is what those in the biz call a triple threat.  

Firstly, Me’anda is a compact way of saying my name Megan Amanda, and such a pretty name it is (thanks, Dad).  Secondly, this little slice of cyberspace will be home to a lot of meandering thoughts, so it seems right to announce to people exactly what they can expect in the name.  Lastly, Me’anda (sans apostrophe) is a Spanish name for the señoritas that means ‘of one’s journey’ and I really like that. I also have been learning Spanish so it’s nice to let people know that I can drop some muy bien palabras en españo (triple threat, remember?!).  The apostrophe is a nod to Australian legend Chris Lilley and his epic character Ja’mie. So random I know.  

In summary:

Me’anda (n). 1: Megan Amanda; 2: following a winding course; 3: of one’s journey; 4: Forbes 100 entrepreneurship mixed with the ferocious beauty of Daenerys Targaryen.

Now you know what it means, why should you bother visiting Me’anda?

For a lot of you it may be to support your daughter, sister, cousin, niece, granddaughter, friend, potential lover, that crazy girl you met on the train that convinced you to subscribe to her blog. I thank you all.

For others, it will be the sass and sarcasm along the way – great choice.

For me, it’s about contributing something positive to the interwebs. By normalising and validating the human experience through my stories, musings, raps and travels. I want you to feel a sense of comfort and familiarity – “she gets me”, but also a sense of discovery and excitement – “well, that’s new”, on Me’anda.

Whatever you came for, I’m glad you’re here.

Your Blonde Bombshell Blogger,

Megan Amanda

Megan xo