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I had a great conversation with this woman the other day. She started to tell me how she really felt. She was quite talkative (in that rambling kind of way). This woman had done a few different things, but she told me she felt frustrated at being so far off the path to her purpose. And what even was her purpose?

She told me about her struggle with vulnerability, and how she could sabotage close friendships and relationships. At the same time, she was excited about the possibility of finding her purpose and overcoming her fears to just be. Whatever being meant at any particular point in time.

She wanted that for herself, and for everyone. I just sat there and listened. Astounded and in awe at her honesty.

And then I decided I was going to give this woman what she wanted. She deserved it. Heck, we all deserved it.

That blonde bombshell of a woman was me.

It’s the worst kind of feeling realising you have been living like a fraud your whole life. Basing every decision on what you think people are going to think about you.

I’m not even sure that can be called decision-making. Just a whole lot of thinking. And, if it can be called decision-making, I’ve found that just because there’s a lot of thought behind something, it doesn’t amount to much more than at best a headache and at worst, anxiety.

Me’anda is a movement. Of me getting off my ass, facing my fears, unleashing my curiosity, and having fun. And, a way for me to stay accountable to that movement.

I hope that Me’anda inspires even just one of you to chase after and tackle that inner voice of fear and doubt because I know it’s going to be worth it. Anyone that wants to join this movement, let’s get physical (Olivia Newton-John style).

The saying goes “Not all those who wander are lost.” But, what if you are lost? Then what? Come wander with me. Whether it’s overseas to Scotland (like me) or somewhere closer to home. We can find our way together.



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